Webinar on “Awareness of SWAYAM Courses”

Title of the event: Webinar on “Awareness of SWAYAM Courses”

Presentation by: Aman Jain, SPOC,  SWAYAM-NPTEL Local Chapter

Attended by: 50+ Faculty members and students

SWAYAM-NPTEL Local Chapter organized a webinar on “Awareness of SWAYAM Courses” on May 29th, 2021. SWAYAM, the Indian government’s MOOC platform, provides free-of-cost online courses in different subject areas and branches of engineering. It is capable of hosting more than 2000 courses at a time. During the webinar, Mr. Aman Jain, Coordinator, SWAYAM Local Chapter, informed that SWAYM-NPTEL has announced 500+ courses and UGC has given a list of 123 courses for the upcoming July 2021 semester. The presentation was followed by an Open House discussion between students and faculty members, which gave students more clarity about choosing the right course, registration process and importance of MOOC courses in placement.

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