Celebration of World Environment Day at SPSU

Celebration of World Environment Day at SPSU

Hope- The Environment Club of Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur virtually celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5, 2021. The Faculty Coordinator of the club Dr. Tulika Chakrabarti briefed the audience about the relevance of the day. The Vice Chancellor the University, Professor Shrihari Prakash Honwad discussed the causes of environmental degradation, drastic climate change and global warming. He motivated and focused on bringing in the change and insisted on maintaining a sustainable environment. A series of activities marked the celebration.

Disha Vyas (BBA, II year) and Shivani Kesari (B.Tech, II year) brought to light the importance of preserving Nature through their presentations. Through posters and motivating slogans Tanvi Sargia (BBA, II year) inspired everyone to save Earth. Mohit Choudhary (B.Tech, III year recited a self-composed poem on Environment. How has the lockdown during Covid-19 helped in reviving the environment and decreasing pollution was emphasized by Tarang Srivas (, II year). Aatmagya Upadhyay (B.Tech, I year) delivered a speech highlighting energy conservation, rain harvesting and adequate use of natural resources to save Nature. Y. Aarthi (B.Tech, II year) showcased the activities of the club through a nostalgic presentation. Ms. Hina Khan (Executive Communications) shared the glimpses of the green initiatives at the University.  To make the event more interactive a quiz was also conducted in which the students and faculty participated enthusiastically. The students, faculty and administrative fraternity of SPSU family pledged to safeguard Mother Nature. Professor Deepak Vyas (Proctor and Club In-charge) gave the vote of thanks and urged everybody to preserve and protect the beauty of Nature and make Earth a better place to live.


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